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How To Keep Houseplants Alive In Winter

Updated October 16, 2021 by admin

You absolutely adore your houseplants- and so do your guests. Not only are they beautiful decorations, they also are effective in cleaning and purifying the air in your home. They have been thriving during the spring, summer, and fall- but now winter is coming.

This is the time of year when many plant owners start wondering how to keep houseplants alive in winter. There are several things you can do, including moving them closer to a window for sunlight, keeping your home warm, and adding artificial light, just to name a few.

In this article, we will explain the various things you can do to ensure that your houseplants survive the winter to provide you with beauty and clean air when spring comes back around.

Move Closer To Windows- Not Too Close

The first thing you should understand is that, as the days get shorter, your plants won’t be getting nearly as much natural sunlight as they were during the other seasons. This means that you need to utilize the sunlight that you do have by relocating your plants closer to a window. Of course, you don’t want to put them too close and end up making them freeze to death.  

Make Sure Windows Are Clean

Of course, if your windows are dirty, there’s no reason to move the plants closer to it because they’re still not going to get the light they need. Therefore, take the time to clean your windows, which will allow in more light. This will help your plants- and you- remain happy and healthy until warm weather comes back around.

Dust Off Plants

Unfortunately, dirt and dust are a part of everyone’s life and can often collect on your plants, keeping them from looking their best and being able to absorb the light. Simply take some time and carefully wash off the dirty leaves with a damp cloth. You will notice an improvement in their looks right away. Then, their health will improve because they’ll be able to absorb the light better. The plants need light for the process of photosynthesis and since there’s less light available during the winter, it’s a good idea to maximize it whenever possible.

Bring In Artificial Light

If it starts getting really dark, you might want to consider bringing in some artificial light, such as a grow light. You can place this above the houseplants that are starting to look sickly from lack of light. This should help keep your plants alive longer- and bonus, it should also brighten your mood a bit.

Keep Your House Warm

If you are looking for a reason to bump up your thermostat a few degrees, houseplants are your answer! They love warmer temperatures and will stay alive much longer when its warm than when its cold. In fact, most plants prefer daytime temps of at least 65°F, but no more than 75° F. The temperature at night should be kept around 60° to 65°. You should never let temps get below 50°F, as that will start to cause some damage to your plants.

Keep Some Humidity In The Air

If you live in the south, you probably are running a dehumidifier in your house- even in the winter. However, if you have houseplants, you need to have some humidity in the air to keep your plants happy and healthy. Ideally, humidity should be kept around 40% to 50%. In a colder climate, the humidity level will typically be around 10%, which means you need to add some to the air. One way to do this is to mist your plants with water- but the best way is to get a humidifier. You can leave it running while you’re out and about so that you can come home to happy, healthy, gorgeous plants.

Avoid Areas With Drafts Or Heating Vents

Not only do you need to make sure that you are keeping plants at the proper temperature and humidity levels, you’ll also need to be sure they’re not being blasted by extreme temps, such as near a heating vent or in an area where there’s a cold draft.

Move Plants To New Planters

This may or may not be beneficial for the overall health of your plants during the winter, but if you purchased the plant during the warmer months, the pots they are in are likely made for warmer temps. Therefore, you might want to consider putting them in something that is more appropriate for the season. Concrete planters are quite popular and versatile. They can be used for all seasons.

Decrease Your Watering Sessions

One mistake people commonly make is believing that watering your plants more will help balance out them not getting as much light and humidity. However, this is actually a mistaken belief. While it’s true that you need to be concerned about some aspects of your plant’s life, you can be sure that it’s fine if you miss a watering or two.

Bottom Line

Plants are beautiful to have around and can brighten up just about any space. They also do wonders for the air around you, taking in the toxins and giving you fresh, clean air to breathe. However, during the winter, they might need a little extra TLC to stay alive since there is not as much light and humidity.

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