How to Grow Parsley Indoors [Care For Indoor Parsley]

Italian flat leaf parsley

Growing parsley indoors is easy. Parsley plants grow well in containers provided they have a sunny windowsill location and proper care. Although some people may still consider this herb to be little more than an attractive garnish, fresh parsley can actually brighten dishes with its clean, earthy flavor and, most certainly, will impart important nutrients …

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How to Grow Rosemary Indoors [Care For Indoor Rosemary]

Fresh Rosemary

Some gardening challenges are worth the effort. Planting rosemary indoors is one of them. It’s no surprise why gardeners try to cultivate the rosemary plant, which is native to the Mediterranean region and celebrated for its aromatic, resinous flavor. A potted rosemary plant can supply your favorite Mediterranean dishes with its telltale flavor year-round provided …

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How to Grow Chives Indoors [Care For Indoor Chives]

fresh chives on a wooden cutting board

With their mild onion flavor, it’s no surprise why many people opt to grow chives indoors year-round. A member of the allium family, chives are frequently added to everything from soups and stews to dips and salads. While common chives boast a milder flavor than onions, there are varieties that have a distinctively sweet or …

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How to Grow Mint Indoors [Care For Indoor Mint]

Fresh mint in a wooden bowl

Mint plants are perennial herbs that are known for their aromatic scent and fresh, zestful flavor. Fortunately for novice gardeners, learning how to grow mint indoors is easy thanks to its preference for nearly any container, moist potting soil, and–this is a must–a sunny window. In fact, many gardeners prefer to grow mint indoors because …

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How to Grow Sage Indoors [Care For Indoor Sage]

Two whole fresh sage

Salvia officinalis, more commonly known as ‘common sage’, is a cold-hardy herb that features lovely bluish or purplish flowers. A favorite for perennial gardens, sage is not only a breeze to grow outside; it’s easy to grow sage indoors too. The sage plant has a long history of use as a kitchen herb and medicinal …

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How to Grow Chamomile Indoors [Care For Indoor Chamomile]

cropped dried-chamomile-flowers-wooden-spoon

Valued by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans for its medicinal properties, chamomile continues to be prized as a soothing herb today. Often featured in teas as well as soaps and cosmetics, chamomile plants come in two basic varieties: Roman chamomile and German chamomile. Although the types differ in terms of their growth habits, both feature …

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