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The 9 Best Indoor Garden Kits for Your Home

Updated June 15, 2022 by admin

If you would like to create a green space in your abode, an indoor garden kit is the best way to start. Tending to your indoor plants is one way to pamper yourself. Indoor gardening kits are designed to simplify growing your green space inside your home. Whether you’re new to gardening or own a jungle inside your home and wish to expand it, an indoor gardening kit can come in handy in both situations. It becomes easy to set up your garden with a gardening kit.

Don’t let the change in the season become a hindrance in growing your own herbs and vegetables inside the confines of your home. Let the indoor gardening kit be your biggest tool to enjoy a supply of fresh produce all year-round. With the best indoor garden kits handy, you do not have to struggle to keep your plants healthy and thriving. The controlled indoor environment will help your plants thrive.

Here are the best indoor garden kits to set up your green footprint. Easy to set up, these kits take little space. In fact, there are options to start your green kingdom from seedlings or starter plants. What’s more, you can get a little creative with these kits and create something amazing to add a new dimension to your abode.

Best Indoor Gardening Kits

1. AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Unravel the magic of indoor gardening with the AeroGarden indoor garden kit. What makes it special is the collection of gourmet herb seeds that you have always wanted to grow in your kitchen garden. What’s more, the kit gives you all the tools needed to start an indoor garden, including 6 types of seeds and a 3 oz bottle of patented, natural plant nutrients, which supply adequate nutrition for a full season of growth.

The easy-to-use hydroponic garden grows without soil. This means you do not have to deal with any soil mess. Watch your favorite six herbs growing together for as long as 12 inches. The kit comes complete with high-performance LED grow lights to maximize photosynthesis and boost plant growth naturally. With this system in place, you can certainly enjoy abundant harvests of fresh herbs and veggies all the year round. Buy this hydroponic herb garden kit here!

2. Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Herb Garden

Get started with your own fresh herb garden with this Click and Grow Smart Garden kit. Growing your own fresh herbs and vegetables indoors was never as easy without energy-efficient LED grow lights. This ensures that your plants can continue to thrive irrespective of the weather. Getting started is easy. Just place the plant pods at the desired location and fill the reservoir with water. Your herb garden kit is just one step from starting. Just plug the self-watering planter, and it is good to go.

Now you can grow anything and everything in your herb garden with the seedless plant pods. The best thing about growing your indoor garden with Click and Grow kit is that you do not need to have a green thumb or prior planting experience to grow your own plant nursery. Buy the Click and Grow Smart Garden Kit here!

3. VegeBox Smart LED Hydroponics Growing System

If it is a dream to grow your home herb garden, then VegeBox makes it a breeze to get started with your green thumb right away. The LED hydroponics system is easy to use. It is another name for smart home gardening. The kit comes with a water tank, sponge, LED lights, and seeds that have nutrient concentrates. What sets the eco-friendly VegeBox hydroponics system apart is that you do not need soil to grow your plant kingdom. Once the seeds sprout, you do not need to do anything except turn on LED lighting. The auto-turn on and off LED lighting feature saves you time, especially on those extra busy days. Water them once every two weeks and your garden will reward you for your time.

Your indoor garden will continue to bloom despite your neglect but still give you an abundance of happy moments to cherish. Feel free to grow your favorite flowers in the VegeBox, without the need for pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals. Enjoy a fresh harvest of vegetables and herbs from your VegeBox, which also makes an artistic focal point. Buy the VegeBox here.

4. Decker’s Rd. Seeds Herb Garden Kit

Now you can start your own delicious and aromatic herb garden with the best indoor garden kit. If starting your own indoor garden seems overwhelming, then this kit has everything you need to get started. You will receive 6 coco fiber pots that are biodegradable and 6 soil pellets for each pot. Besides, the kit comes with 6 wooden plant markers along with 6 seed tins that have the herb seeds packed to perfection to prevent spoilage.

If you wish to learn how to grow your own herb garden with cilantro, Italian basil, parsley, chives, mammoth dill, lemon mint, and flat-leaf parsley, then this indoor gardening kit has all the planting instructions for you. What’s more, the kit comes in a beautiful hand-stamped muslin bag. Truly, these are an excellent gift for a nature lover and herb enthusiast. Buy Decker’s Rd. Seeds Herb Garden here.

5. Spade to Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

If you have ever dreamed of growing an indoor green space, then look no further than Spade to Fork Kits. A green lover cannot ignore the Spade To Fork plant sprouting boxes that provide you with 5 types of USDA-certified non-GMO seeds. Whether you wish to grow your own herbs or spread your green thumb inside your abode, these starter kits will give you the best start. Apart from the seeds, the boxes come complete with 5 USDA-certified compostable peat pots, 5 organic potting soil discs, and 5 plant markers made with custom-burned wood. What’s more, if you know nuts about gardening, there is a 26-page plant growing guide inside to get you started.

With the entire kit being organic, you can trust the company for giving you chemical-free seed kits. The indoor garden kit is the perfect gift for a special someone who loves plants and yearns to expand their green imprints inside their four walls. The best thing about these kits is that you can grow them virtually anywhere on a windowsill, in a kitchen window, or in a balcony. Bring your dream herb kitchen to life with heirloom seeds that add are nutrient-dense and flourish in any indoor environment to spice up your meals! Buy the Spade to Fork Organic Home Garden here!

6. Happy Hope Made’s Indoor Herb Garden Kit

If you dream of extending your green thumb indoors, what better way to kick-start it than your own herb garden? True, you do not have a lot of space outdoors if you live in an apartment. But that does not mean you cannot have a green footprint. Opt for this indoor herb seed kit to grow your own culinary herbs and enjoy a fresh harvest of aromatic herbs right in your kitchen. This Mediterranean kit is a bundle of some of the best herbs for an indoor environment. The kit has everything you need to jump-start your culinary garden.

Made with love, the indoor herb seed kit makes the best herb gift for a nature-loving friend. They will remember you for the natural aroma and culinary magic spread by these herbal gifts of nature gifted by you. The herb garden kit comes in a burlap sack and includes 50 non-GMO seeds per herb that are hand-harvested and hand-grown. You will also get dry seed soil, six 3-inch biodegradable pots, and 6 plant markers. Get set to grow your indoor Mediterranean herb garden now. Buy the Happy Hope Made’s indoor herb garden kit here!

7. Planter’s Choice Organic Herb Growing Kit

Whether you are taking baby steps into the world of indoor gardening or planning for a gift for a nature lover, the Planters’ Choice her growing kit is the answer. The complete kit comes with a comprehensive guide to grow your own greens indoors. There are four organic seed packets that are moisture-proof, four biodegradable pots, and four bamboo plant markers. Experience the excitement of watching your green babies grow into fresh herbs before your eyes and then making it to the dining table as a refreshing treat.

The 18-piece kit includes 4 stylish bamboo markers so you can grow your plant kingdom in style. Additionally, you do not need to worry about fertilizers for your greens. The best indoor garden kit includes 4 nutrient soil discs that expand 4 times their size upon coming into contact with water. There is one herb grinder as a complimentary gift with the gardening kit.  In addition to this, you get literally everything required to grow your favorite herbs in one sleek box. So what are you waiting for?  Get started today with your own herb garden. Buy the Planter’s Choice organic herb growing kit here!

8. Hortiki’s Plants Organic Kitchen Herb Gardening Kit

The best gift for a plant lover, the Organic kitchen herb gardening kit has everything you need to grow in your own green haven indoors. The herbal gardening kit comes complete with USDA-approved organic seeds. Feel free to choose your favorite herb from a variety of seeds, including fennel, chives, basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, dill, cilantro, thyme, garlic chives, and parsley. In addition to this, the best indoor garden kit offers 3 highly durable biodegradable pots sourced from recycled paper material, bamboo plant markers, and water catchment trays. The fiber-based construction of pots provides a healthy growing environment for plants. This ensures that the complete recyclable package gets you going right away with your herb garden of choice as soon as it arrives. You do not have to invest in anything else to enjoy your herbal haven.

There are two bags of organic potting soil to provide nourishment for plants. The kit also takes care of your plant watering needs with the inclusion of a glass mister bottle. This ensures that watering is done gently and not splashed on the new sprouts. The product gets is USDA-certified for its hand-crafted, recyclable, and biodegradable products. If you are completely new to the plant kingdom, the indoor herb gardening kit comes with growing instructions and fun facts. For a culinary lover, there is a recipe book as well to incorporate your garden herbs in your meals. The best thing about the indoor garden kit is that you do not need too much space to grow your own herbs. The selected varieties flourish in small containers that provide a conducive environment for plant growth. Buy Hortiki’s Plants organic kitchen herb gardening kit here!

9. My Garden’s Provisions Indoor Garden Kit

If you are excited about growing your own indoor herb garden, then the eco-friendly gardening kit is for you. What makes this indoor garden kit special is that its non-GMO and organic seeds. What’s more, the kit includes the most aromatic herb seeds that every plant lover would love to have in their kitchen garden. It has 4 USA-certified heirloom seeds with chives, basil, parsley, and cilantro. Not only this, the biodegradable kit comes complete with bamboo plant markers and labels, besides organic soil wafers made with coco coir and planting pots.

The indoor garden kit is a fun way to create your own aromatic herb space in your kitchen or windowsill.  Enjoy fresh produce of herbs all through the season with the indoor herb garden grow kit. Apart from this, there are a set of instructions and recipes to use your harvest. Buy My Garden’s Provisions indoor garden kit here!


If you love greens and wish to extend your garden to the interior setting, opt for any of the best indoor garden kits here. Organic, biodegradable, and durable, these easy-to-use kits come as one comprehensive package. This ensures that you have everything to get started, with or without soil.

So if you want to expand your green footprint indoors, grab one of these indoor gardening herb kits today. Let the aroma of natural herbs continue to waft through your personal space as a reminder of your love for nature.